Writing process.. thoughts

Writing for either fun or a living seems a simple process to those who enjoy the stories. You have this handheld creation of someone who managed to type it down. A number of authors in the past did not have the access on such a great scale as the internet now provides us all with. So the process was formerly shrouded in mystery conjuring images of the writer hunched over a keyboard pounding away page after page; fueled by lots of coffee and alcohol, sometimes a cigarette dangling from their lips as they bring characters to life and sometimes kill them off.

The magic of writing is no less mystifying in the more modern day and age. Depending on which way you approach it there is more variety, more media methods in use. More publishing options as well. Having the world wide web at your hands simply allows for you to have more access to being better able to search what you need. Now you can be a part of message boards for any kind of world you can imagine.

But the process still is not as easy as it might seem. Ask anyone if they can write and you will get a range of answers. I personally like to write, poems or stories, but I have never been published. Most of my writing has been for fun, I have not previously attempted to submit for publication. Writing for me fluctuates. Sometimes the words and stories pour forth and I can barely hold them back as the flood gates open wide. Other days there is a drought, hardly any water in sight for miles and months. You become parched, your words dried up on the page and in your mind’s eye.


For some writers story telling is organic and develops on the page as one progresses. Quickly it becomes its own beast, visualized in the mind. No specific direction as it comes to life. It tells you it’s story, you simply jot it down.

On the other hand for other writers a skeleton must form, stating point a to point b. Fleshing itself out as you go along, but it has a structure to begin with. The nature of writing may cause the original shape to adjust where you least expect it, as it stretches it legs out and finds its way into the world.


sometimes its a marriage of the two- a daydream turns into something you think you would want to read yourself. So you jot it down, as it reveals itself to you. it demands a skeleton to aide its growth.    Or in reverse, you create an outline allowing it to come to life as you let your fingers fly over the keyboard.


Either way it is not always an easy process. Some stories require research. Some require world building to be done.


For myself personally when it comes to my style of writing it comes in spurts of creativity. Dry spells followed by either a slight smattering of rain, or a deluge. as a teen when inspiration struck I churned out multiple scenarios, different characters – all for my own amusement. When I did share my stories it was with trepidation. Sure, I like it. But would others want to read what I wrote? Would people want to pay for my stories?

Once the initial writing is done, your story is finished as far as you can write it. The next process is editing, this is the tedious part regardless of if you have software that helps spot check or if you have a second set of eyes to give advice and suggestions. Self-editing is a good way to realize how many times you overuse a word. Gives you the chance to alternate how you switch up your words. Sometimes you are unaware that you utilize certain words so often.

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to write to look into NANOWRIMO, it is a writing challenge that is free to sign up for. They offer resources for people looking to write. You have to be self motivated- you get to set your own goals. It is a good experience to dive into the writing world if you haven’t tried it.

There really is no wrong way to write- find what works for you and go for it.

Read as much as you can if you are looking for a set style of writing, especially if you are looking to publish. It helps to know your audience and cater to them.



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